• Two sides projection.
  • Much more space and convenience.
  • Ambulant function, easy moving, easy fixing.

Product Description


1. Two sides projection
2. Much more space and convenience
3. Ambulant function,easy moving,easy fixing
4. Certificated:CE,RoHS


Name : Mobile Double Free Standing Awning
Model : 2100
Without rain cover
Fabric type :280sgm Polyester(or Acrylic)+PU coating
Fabric color : Any Color
Frame color : RAL9010(milk white), PC0102(Grey), PG3314(Black), PG0102(Grey)

Awning Data:

Max. size:  395*400cm
Min.  size:  295*400cm
Steel Pole:  50x50mm
Torsion Bar:  35x35mm
Roller:  Φ60mm
Front Bar:  47x35mm
Support Arms: 47x28mm , 37x20mm
Gear-box: 1:7

Optional Size:

WidthxProjection                     WidthxProjection                    WidthxProjection
295*300cm                              350*300cm                             395*300cm
295x400cm                              350x400cm                             395x400cm