• Full-cassette, elegant and compact appearance
  • The front bar provide tight closing of the cassette
  • Double use motor and weather sensor are available
  • Different frame colors are available
  • Standard frame color is white
  • Standard arm support is cast steel material,while Alu material arm support is available

Product Description


1. Full-cassette,elegant and compact appearance.
2. The front bar provide tight closing of the cassette.
3. Double use motor and weather sensor are available.
4. Different frame colors are available ,Standard frame color is white.
5. Standard arm support is cast steel material ,while Alu material arm support is available.
6. PU coating fabric, waterproof, great heat resistance and UV protection is available .
7.The slope of the awning approximately 5-45 degrees adjustable from the horizontal line
8. Motorized, retractable, can be opened as much or as little as you like up to the maximum projection
9. Certificated: GS,CE,RoHS


Name :  Deluxe Full-Cassette Motorized Retractable Awning
Model : 6300
Fabric type : 280sgm Polyester(Acrylic)+ PU Coating
Fabric color : Any Color
Frame color : RAL9010(milk white), PC0102(Grey), PG3314(Black), PG0102(Grey)

Awning Data:

Max. size:  500x300cm

Min.  size:  150x80cm
Full-Cassette: 139*134mm
Roller:  Φ78mm
Front Bar:  117*91mm
Support Arms: 60*31mm, 51*26mm
Gear Box: 1:7
Bracket: Standard:Wall Bracket

Option :

1. Fabric:Polyester or Acrylic, imported Spain fabric is available
2. Operation:
a) Manual operated by crank
b) Motorized avialble
c) Sun/Wind Sensor is available

3. Angle adjust 
4. Weather Sensor
5. Arm shoulder: standard is cast steel material, while Alu material arm shoulder is available.

Optional Size:

Width (cm)Projection (cm)
300 250200150
250  200150
200   150
150   80