• There are two steel cables in thecenter joint of arms.
  • Double use motor available.
  • Optional handle angle adjustment.
  • Standard arm shoulder is cast steel material,while Alu material arm shoulder is available.

Product Description


1. There are two steel cables in the center joint of arms.

2. Double use motor available.

3. Optional handle angle adjustment.

4. Standard arm shoulder is cast steel material ,while Alu material arm support is available.

5. Certificated: CE,RoHs


Name : Aluminum Retractable Half-cassette Awning

Model : 1100-B

Fabric type : 280gsm Polyester(or Acrylic)+PU Coating

Fabric color : Any Color

Frame color : RAL9010(Milk White), PC0102(Grey), PG3314(Black), PG0102(Grey)

Awning Data:

Max. size: 395*250cm

Min. size: 120*60cm

Cassette: Half-cassette 132*45mm

Torsion Bar : 35*35mm

Roller:  Φ60mm

Front Bar: 47*35mm

Support Arms: 47*28mm ,37*20mm

Gear Box: 1:7

Option Function:

1. Operation:

a) Manual operated by crank

b) Motorized avialble

2. Fabric: Polyester or Acrylic

3. Bracket: Standard:Wall bracket Optional:Ceiling and Wall bracket

4. Adjustable angle: 5-45 degree

Optional Size:

Width (cm)Projection (cm)
250 200150
195  150
160  120